Wolfram Blockchain Labs, the cryptocurrency-centric division of the popular computing engine provider Wolfram Alpha, is adding support for Tezos (XTZ) on its platform, providing a two-way interface with the Tezos blockchain.

Announced on Monday, the integration adds support for Tezos blockchain data within the Wolfram Language, which allows developers to obtain analytical data from the blockchain. The language specializes in advanced statistical queries that analyze smart contract activity, and the integration primarily aims to ease deployment of smart contracts on Tezos.

In addition, Wolfram Blockchain has developed an oracle for Tezos that would supply its smart contracts with data available from Wolfram Alpha. The data also includes pricing of assets, one of the primary use cases for oracles today. This would make Wolfram the third oracle provider on the network, following Chainlink and Harbinger, a Tezos-native solution.

Wolfram Blockchain collaborated with TQ Tezos, one of Tezos’ ecosystem development companies, for the integration. The company said that the oracle contracts were formally verified through the Mi-Cho-Coq framework developed by Nomadic Labs. Formal verification allows creating a mathematical proof guaranteeing that a certain program behaves correctly. Tezos is specifically focusing on making this process easier, sharing the focus with Cardano, another project supported by Wolfram Blockchain.

Recently, Tezos has made a number of moves aimed at attracting smart contract developers and decentralized finance projects. In November, a network upgrade reduced transaction fees by 75%.

The Wolfram integration adds an important component to a smart contract developer’s toolkit, simplifying analytics for smart contracts. Still, the integration is still in its early stages and has a relatively basic set of features. The CEO of Wolfram Blockchain, Jon Woodard, said:

“We have plans to extend these capabilities in several key areas within the Tezos ecosystem: analytics, computational facts delivery and blockchain educational information.”

Wolfram Blockchain Labs is also exploring the possibility of becoming a Tezos Baker, its term for stakers. The blockchain is one of the largest by amount of capital locked in staking.