Sphere 3D Signs $1.7B Deal to Buy 60K NuMiner Machines – Crypto News

The deal for 60,000 miners for roughly $1.7 billion will make the NM440 models’ pricing around $28,000 each. The miners are being produced in coordination with leading technology suppliers, including Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Foxconn and Xilinx, according to NuMiner’s statement. Deliveries will

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Sphere 3D to Buy 60K NuMiner Machines for $1.7B – Crypto News

“The NM440 boasts a 440 TH/s processing hash rate, more than 8x the average bitcoin miner, with ~75% less energy usage, as substantiated by leading third-party testing company TÜV Nord’s certified lab BTL,” said Anthony Melman, chairman of NuMiner’s global board of directors.

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Muneeb Ali’s Trust Machines Raises $150M – Crypto News

“With the early foundation built, it’s time to concentrate on unlocking the next level of applications and platform technology on Bitcoin, enhancing the platforms for speed, scale and functionality, and making Bitcoin apps a reality for hundreds of millions of users. This is

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