A scripted TV series that’s about crypto — and funded by it — is in development at Beacon Pictures, the independent production company behind “Bring It On”, and popular ABC drama “Castle.”

According to Deadline Hollywood, the 10 part TV crypto-comedy series “Hold on for Dear Life” —  a reference of sort to the slang term ‘Hodl’ — aims for principal photography to shoot in Puerto Rico from August.

The show, which was created by anonymous crypto insider calling themselves ‘Suhh Toshee’, will look to reflect the lives of crypto entrepreneurs, and hopefully be funded by them.  Beacon CEO Mark Pennell, told Deadline that:

“Crypto is about community. The show is an extension of that community. So, we embraced the innovation by creating an opportunity for crypto entrepreneurs to participate in a show that reflects many of their own stories.”

The project is raising funds via crypto by tokenizing the profits on Ethereum, enabling investors to receive their share of the proceeds directly to their wallets.

The producers also hope to cash in on the gold rush around NFT collectibles, with plans to mint a series of non-fungible tokens, as well as release the first-ever tokenized full episode of a TV show.

The storyline is focused on Mel, a young tech founder who launches a token named after her missing best friend Aveer and sets off with her band of “misfit” friends to make the Aveer token a success.

“To do so, they must overcome enemies, centralized powers and FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt)”

The series is set to feature cameos from figures in the crypto-world such as billionaire Bitcoin investor Tim Draper, and Crystal Rose, the CEO, and Founder of Sense.

As blockchain technology and cryptocurrency continue to creep their way into mainstream society, the appetite for crypto-based TV shows and movies is gaining momentum.

Cointelegraph reported on the development of the first-ever K-drama crypto-series “Romantic Hacker” in July 2020, which entails a fictional story of a Korean trading exchange being attacked by hackers.

In October, acclaimed actress Kate Winslet signed on to star in an MGM production portraying the founder of  the $4 billion OneCoin Ponzi scheme and in February ‘Silk Road’ was released depicting the lead up to the arrest darknet Silk Road founderRoss Ulbricht.

The story of how the Winklevoss twins became Bitcoin billionaires was also snapped up by Stampede Ventures earlier that year, and the same author that penned it, Ben Mezrich is working on a book and movie for MGM and book that details the GameStop saga.